Insofar for a very important and inevitable intention, even the alcoholic one suffers a clean transformation of the change of personality.

They don’t realize since the all comes a lot in silence and very slowly, also they will recognize him in the dresses of the employee, well these truths of their changed nature, for the simple reason that they have loved anymore the intoxicating drinks that us.

There is not future, neither for them neither for us; who misuses of the vice he doesn’t knows that that destroys ago what it is around him.

They don’t go from any part, they remain, where they are deluded to be well, but they are always tipsy, also when they don’t really drink because all the illnesses that they involve the abuse of the alcohol and all the killings of the feelings make him only lost, often poor men and ignorant person.

Nevertheless only the suggestion to also write it arouses me emotion, but there is the internal strength that it helps me to continue.

I am not afraid to be attacked and faced; I don’t have anything to lose, even if I will make the more discouraged Northern Countries after having written this book.

Unfortunately I don’t find pleasant when they try to take advantage of us, when they don’t respect us and when they are not kind.

We don’t also have already in this worn out world by itself the need to receive their verbal violence’s, emotional or physics, from those people that with the alteration, provoked by their drinks, they misuse and they go over.

Persuaded to be superior ahead us, just because we don’t live their drunkenness.

Desire is not had to listen to them while it is crippling the language the whole time.

It cannot be thought about being better than them.

It is only that we alcoholic free love the beauty, we like to laugh, to have a good time and even if we consume with criterion a glass of wine with the meals. All of us desire love.

We are not selfish, it is alone that we don’t need to become victims forced for being nearby him, with the suffering wounds of mistakes unhappy moments and demolished by too many pains and past disappointments.

Therefore they likes to be suffering, at least they are a right in more to drink and to get drunk themselves.

The alcoholic one, that of once, nearly lived for road, that of that modern, is today, anywhere he doesn’t often know to be himself, also because it chooses even those civilizations that they grant it to him.

You will hardly meet a Scandinavian alcoholic in a museum of contemporary art or in a theatre to feel a work, it is very easier inside a pub or a beach to roast them, drunk since the first hours of the day; it will love to speak about trifling things rather than of talents.

He prefers to do noise with his similar rather than to compare him with whom is not as them.

They will do a lot of work to respect our part of clean life, because his is not at all it.

The alcohol makes as a swine, it makes to show off a fake sexuality, the next day who he will remember will repent, bare from the dignity, it doesn’t let man neither woman is, mother neither dad, wife neither husband, friend neither friend. In short in them company they will make only us feel drunkards as them.

Not that I don’t appreciate the simile of the swine as animal, I have used this term for my concept to make comprehensible and for justness I take advantage of this occasion to break a lance towards these poor animals that they bear the infamy of the whole world and the most disdainful comparisons.

Also being among the most intelligent and sensitive beasts among everybody and having been maintaining us for centuries from when we have begun to understand how to maintain the meat under climbs thanks for other to the northern people.

Say this, I invite you to reflect on another animal, more disgusting, less intelligent and also some raw, I was correct thinking, why don’t we abolish entirely the animal and do we speak about the worse side of the man directly?

Besides ever felt to say that the swine’s, those original, drink, let’s do practice therefore us to detach us from them because so much is what more we fear to lose. Valentina Vitolo.

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