It is the more critical doubt for the one who betrays: to reveal or not to her own partner?

The prevailing tendency among the experts is that who betrays does to star silent very well, because its responsibilities are taken on only in this way.

Who self-acknowledged everything to the partner is a coward that they want to relieve herself some sense of guilt.

Because the confession of a betrayal ruins in every case the couples. Because it comes less one of the basic characteristics of the relationship: the exclusive one.

The betrayed one lives the escapade as one failure of his. It is to restrain before to a person that it makes us from continuous in mind a failure; it is indeed a fatiguing experience.

On the contrary the betrayal does badly to that partner that they has suffered out of spite such affront, for the exact intention to hurt the friend, in this case he reaches the break-up in the majority of the cases.

When a partner betrays for spite, he doesn’t do anything to hide the new relationship.

Rather he has a good time torturing the partner making to notice them how much the other one is more affectionate, richer, more diamond in the conversation, better in general.

Who usually betrays for dissatisfaction cannot wait to leave the house and it looks for in another partner as point of support that it gives his courage to act.

The left partner distresses and he puts again himself from the psychological point of view and clearly also from that physical one.

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