Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, at the heart of London, is one of the city’s most vibrant open spaces.

Managed by the Greater London Authority, Trafalgar Square is a landmark in central London enjoyed by Londoners and all visitors alike. It is a lively place often used for a wide range of activities including: special events and celebrations like the Royal Wedding, Olympics One Year to Go, St Patrick’s Day and Chinese New Year; filming and photography; and rallies and demonstrations.

Home to the Fourth Plinth, which has been a centrepiece for some of the world’s most provocative contemporary public art since 1999, as well as Nelson’s Column, the square is rich in history and provides a platform for new artistic performances and events – visit our events pages to see what’s on. If you wish to hold an event on the Square please go to the Booking the Square page.

If you’ve got an idea for an event in Trafalgar Square then please complete ouronline booking form. We welcome all Londoners and tourists alike, and hope you enjoy your visit to London’s most famous square.

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